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Welcome to the new home of the SuperC RV Group.

Yahoo Migration

IF your user ID on Yahoo and your Yahoo e-mail match (in other words, if your ID is "bob" and your e-mail is "bob@ya..." AND you had ever posted on the Yahoo group, then yes, your ID will be the same. All you have to do is log in with your old Yahoo ID and no password, then select "forgot my password" and you will be sent an activation e-mail. Follow the link in that email and set a new password.

If you never posted, then you were not migrated and you can either sign up as a new user or contact us via the Contact Us page. Just let us know your Yahoo ID / Name / etc so we can find you in the Yahoo database. Signing up as new will be the quickest method if you had never posted before.

If your existing Yahoo ID and e-mail address don't match the pattern above (your e-mail address is NOT YourYahooID ... like id is Bob and email is tom@gm...), you can still try using the forgot my password as the system may have found your details. If you do not receive an email, or don't want to try, simply use the above "contact us" link (with you Yahoo ID information) and we will get you all set up.

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