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SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: LLY DURAMAX HEADGASKET
Last post by Fisherck -
I lost my injector pump and had to replace my injectors due to debris in the fuel system. I was able to pull all the injectors except the rear most on the driver's side. For that one, I cut a hole in the cab floor to remove the injector. Worked great. I then used a mastic tape on the interior and exterior sides of the hole to seal it. No issues. Sorry about 3 weeks to respond,  I just saw this post.
SuperC Info and Discussions / LLY DURAMAX HEADGASKET
Last post by sctc72 -
I believe I have lost a head gasket due to 3 quarts of lost coolant and no external leaks. I'm told injectors #7 & #8 require the cab to be lifted. Very hard to do with the cab over design of super C. I did find one response is to remove motor mounts ant rotate engine. I would like any advise from folks that have handled this repair. Thanks
Site Instructional Guides / Duramax fuel filter head replacement
Last post by azdd11 -
Hi All, My Duramax fuel filter head/housing is leaking pressure causing a stall/limp mode.  I have parts to replace it.  It looks simple, 2 bolts, hoses and electric.....but the rear bolt (towards firewall) is not visible/accessible from under the hood or thru the doghouse.  It's appears to be covered by a casting on the bracket.  Any ideas / experience would be appreciated.  Thank you.
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Power Steering hose and o-ring
Last post by Fisherck -
I bought a 22" piece of 3/4" Gates Plant Master Xtreme 325 Braid hose as a replacement. No issues replacing it. I also bought a replacement o-ring at NAPA p/n WH 7629x8. I ran the truck for 30 minutes without issue.

I did discover the fitting on the back of the pump is an Eaton STC product. The fitting contains and o-ring, backup ring and latch ring. You can get the right tools and parts as listed in this catalog:
SuperC Info and Discussions / Power Steering hose and o-ring
Last post by Fisherck -
2006 Seneca 35gs  c5500 duramax

I'm trying to find the part number for hose #19 and o-ring #17. The local gm parts counters can't find them and there aren't any medium duty truck centers near. I have spent many hours looking online. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Equalizer 1702 Control Panel
Last post by sctc72 -
I repaired a ground near the pump and my simular problem was corrected. The compartment to the left of the entry door has a black metal access cover inside on the back wall which needs to be removed to see the breakers.
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Equalizer 1702 Control Panel
Last post by brothedj -
I have a 6340 2005 Gulfstream.  My jacks are extracted and will not retract.  The control panel has lights but none of the buttons will all retract or individually retract.  I put my big slide in before I tried to retract the jacks and it came in very slowly.  The temp is around 50.  Now the neither of the slides will activate also.  It appears to be something with the hydraulic pump, the relay on the pump.  The Equalizer documentation says there is a 12 volt 50 amp breaker in the forward or outside electrical compartment.  Does anybody have a clue where this would be located and/or ideas how to troubleshoot the problem thanks

Doug Brothers
2005 Gulfstream Endura 6340