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SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Kodiak 5500 cab A/C drain location
Last post by CrazyTed -
I was told in another forum that the drain is on the firewall.  I see a nipple there that has never dripped water.  The question now is how do I get access inside to clean.  I put a zip tie up that hole and didn't feel any restrictions. 
SuperC Info and Discussions / Kodiak 5500 cab A/C drain location
Last post by CrazyTed -
We've been getting some water condensation dripping inside on the passenger floor with the cab A/C running.  I looked outside for the A/C drain line but could not find one.  Anybody have a location for the A/c drain under the hood for the 2008 Chevy Kodiak 5500?  It's my 2009 Jayco Seneca RV.  The pic is from the front of the A/C under the hood.   You can see water dripping from the screws on the box. 
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: things to look for when purchasing a 2007 seneca 35gs
Last post by Grumpy (aka Dave Sparke) -
FIrst off welcome...

Only issue I had with our 08 was the radiator. The lower driver's side tank has been known to leak due to a bad crimp on the tank. Look for any residual antifreeze in that area. The other item would be tires. Check the DOT code to see how old they are. Hopefully Ron will jump in since he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the mechanics of the KODIAK..
SuperC Info and Discussions / things to look for when purchasing a 2007 seneca 35gs
Last post by travelingfern -
im new to the group but have been reading the posts for days, as well as new to the large diesel MH game. im looking at purchasing a used jayco 2007 seneca 35gs with 35000 miles on it. what do i need to look for when doing my pre purchase inspection? what are the glaring issues i need to be aware of while performing driving tests and gen tests. what is the proper startup procedure to check all the appliances and electrical equipment? basically want to know what im getting into possibly as well as what to look for onsite. any help will go leaps and bounds at inspection time. im a very well educated shade tree mechanic but not a veteran at this by any means. thanks again everyone.
SuperC Info and Discussions / 2007 Seneca Duramax: Downpipe to Cat pipe joint repair
Last post by Fisherck -
I have a 2007 Seneca on a 2006 C5500 chassis with a LBZ Duramax. I noticed exhaust smell in the cabin and traced it down to the joint between the turbo downpipe and catalytic converter exhaust pipe:
X   X

OEM replacement parts listed for about $500 before shipping  :o
Here's what I did -
Parts purchased:
Walker 41646 flared exhaust pipe ($20 on Amazon)
Squirrelly 3" x 4" stainless flex exhaust pipe ($23 on Amazon)
Grand Rock v-band clamp GRVB-384G ($26 including shipping from
Felpro 61287 catalytic converter gasket ($8 at NAPA)

Cut 1.75" off Walker piece:

Cut 5.5" off cracked end of exhaust pipe:

Weld-r-up and test fit to downpipe:
X   X

Reinstall and check clearance:
X   X

So, for about $75 in parts and a little of my time, I'm hoping the flex joint with relieve the stress and keep it from cracking. I should be no worse off than if I had implemented the oem parts except that I have extra money in my pocket for other things. I hope this helps someone else like this site has helped me! Your mileage may vary...