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SuperC Info and Discussions / Help identifying rear leaf springs please
Last post by wrimda -
Looking at possibly upgrading rear leaf springs on our 2008 34SS. Build code shows 15k rear springs but I noticed the PO upgraded the shocks and installed a rear trac bar. So I’m not sure if anything was upgraded as far as the springs.

I have some #s on the springs
RPN 2857

Anyway to identify by looking?

SuperC Info and Discussions / Retail Price 2005 Endura Duramas
Last post by brothedj -
I am going to sell my 2005 Gulfstream Endura 6340 6.6 duramax with the following upgrades, 15,500 springs in rear, air bags rear, Koni shocks, front.  Mileage is 19,800.  I think it is worth 43,500 retail; a couple of dealers are offering  29,900 on a trade.

Anybody recently had their similar units appraised?