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SuperC Info and Discussions / Tire pressure 2007 Jayco Seneca 34ss Mich XZE 245/70 R19.5
Last post by crhineberger1 -
I just got new Mich XZE 245/70 R19.5 put on to replace old ones.   The door sticker says the Pressure should be at 95.  After checking the tire pressure that the shop put in they have all the tires at 110. 

I've always kept mine at 95 using my TPS as a guild.  Been doing that for years. 

Not sure why the shop didn't do the same.   I am going to call them but wanted to see advice from all of you.

What are all you keeping your tires at?

Any advice would be great. 


SuperC Info and Discussions / Allison reprogram to 6speed
Last post by sctc72 -
I recently found an article on dated 2/13/2012 explaining how to reprogram the Allison from 5 speed to 6. This applies to 2006 model year as most 2007 super c Kodiak chassis went to the 6 speed.
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Equalizer 1702 Control Panel
Last post by Ron Hall -
I never replaced my control panel. After some research I found that ground wire at valves was bad. I was also having problems with slides not operating properly. Put new ground wire directly to battery.
Here is link to wire harness drawing to control panel.;sa=item;in=926#viewitem  It can also be found under Media, Files and look for my name. Lots of other drawings there also.
Ron Hall
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Equalizer 1702 Control Panel
Last post by Jean P -
Good afternoon Ron
I just purchase a Golfstream Ultra Supreme  32' and i do have a problem with the control and i can not find any replacement unless i have to buy a $1600 convertion kit.
I am wondering if you work to operate those legs with only taggle swiches and if so you should have some sketches and switches required .
I would like appreciate your assistance.
Jean Prudhomme
cell 754-366-1780
SuperC Info and Discussions / Re: Equalizer 1702 Control Panel
Last post by Jean P -
Yahoo Message Number: 15377
I did a write up on how to install switches to by pass 1702 control board. But does not seem to have posted. Must be Yahoo. I will do it again.
Slides are run the same as Jacks. When one of the slide wall switches are pressed. Pump is run in direction that slide is to move. The valve for moving that slide is opened. To change direction pump is run in opposite direction by pressing other side of switch and valve is opened for that slide.
The main difference for jacks is the ability to raise all jacks at the same time. Using this information I would purchase 3 momentary OFF/ON switches to open the valves for right rear, left rear and front. 1 momentary ON/OFF/ON switch to run the pump in either direction. 1 OFF/ON switch to turn on power to the other 4 switches. This could also be a key switch for safety. Relays could be added for engine of and emergency brake control of power to switches. A 5th switch could be added to retract all the jacks. It would open the 3 jack valves and run pump in correct direction to raise jacks. The problem I see with this switch is no interlocks and shut off the the 1702 board provides and would require 4 relays. A momentary switch may solve this problem. All the wires needed to wire above switches would be found on the wire harness/connector to the 1702 board. There should be a wiring diagram for board on Equalizer Systems site.
Feel free to ask questions.
Ron Hall
SuperC Info and Discussions / Theft Prevention
Last post by dgryder -
Over the last several months, it appears every time one picks up a paper or watches a tv, there is always some story about persons stealing rv's from storage lots, parking lots and even some from peoples driveways.

I looked at this forum but did not find anything about what members have done to prevent their rv being driven away.

I have a friend with a Kodiak he uses to pull show horse trailers and has done things like installing a fuel solenoid that cuts off the fuel,  a cut off switch that cut power to the starter solenoid.  Thus far these have worked for him.

Just wondering if anyone had done similar things and if so what they were?