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Title: slide adjustment
Post by: ccemb1 on November 14, 2019, 11:43:23 pm
Can some post pics of the main slide adjustment. I have a 2006 Gulf Stream c5500 6340. It has a single ram in the middle. Come to think about it the rear bedroom slide has a single ram on the left and it to does not pull the slide in on the top right tight. I think the main slide moves out too far and when you pull it in it grunts and you have to give it a push to get going.  I pulls in tight but does seem to hang low on the bottom and looks to be on the compartment hinges outside. I can still get the doors open.
Title: Re: slide adjustment
Post by: Ron Hall on November 15, 2019, 06:06:48 am
No pictures. Main slide. First thing is lube the square tubes that slide rides on  They include the rack for the equalizer shaft that keep both sides come in straight. I used Camco slide lube. Found the dry did not work as well as other other product.  Otherwise Super Lube works well.
The main cylinder has 2 adjustments. The 2 outer nuts and bracket control how far slide will move out. Adjust them first. The in adjustment is controlled by a threaded sleeve and lock nut. Loosen the lock nut. Then adjust the sleeve to let cylinded pull slide all the way in. Be sure to lock in place with lock nut.
If slide is not coming to to wall on both side. Then the gear equalizer shaft may have jumped a tooth. The gears on shaft have a locking nut. Get slide all the way in against outside wall. Then loosen one gear. You will have jog slide to get in proper position. Then lock the loosened gear back up.
Bed slide.
I found the reason my bedroom was not operating properly was rollers attach to wall had come loose from wall. Made new mount brackets to keep slide stay level. 2 of the rollers are under the closet. Other 2 require that bed be taken apart to do a complete repair. I could not find the Equalizer Systems ( manual that explain this info. Maybe a call to them will get the info.
Ask more questions if you need.
Title: Re: slide adjustment
Post by: ccemb1 on November 15, 2019, 08:42:09 am
Thanks, Ron I did find the rollers under the bed one was not right and made them level. I think the big problem with this system is the ram is mounted on one side and should have been mounted in the middle to pull equal or 2 rams to pull the same.  So the main slide has a ram in the middle and the nuts on the cylinder side adjust the out and the tube end adjusts the end? I do not think my gears jump as the slide does pull even. When I try and pull the slide in the pump grunts and gives everything it has to make it up the bump. I will get some pics today.I have done some major work the bathroom. Took it completely apart lay new sub floor rebuilt the wall and welded new floor braces in. Putting 1"tube every 3 ft and they use 7/16 floor just make it soft. I know they are trying to keep weight down but at the very least use the 3/4 floor.
Title: Re: slide adjustment
Post by: Ron Hall on November 16, 2019, 05:06:27 am
My 2004 had 3/4". One on the ways they lightened up later models.
Title: Re: slide adjustment
Post by: ccemb1 on November 24, 2019, 10:17:32 am
is there a way to add pics to the site i can not up load
Title: Re: slide adjustment
Post by: Ron Hall on November 25, 2019, 04:40:32 am
I do not see a way to add photos to a post unless it is posted to a pictures site. I use this one setup for RV.NET. . It will work with any place you want to post a picture.