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Weighing the Kodiak

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Had our MH weighed today. Company came out to our house and did it in
the drive.
Some good and some bad news.

First the numbers.
Front GAWR=7,000
Front tire load @95 psi=7,280
Rear GAWR=13,500
Rear tire load @95 psi=13,660

Front weight=5,850
Front right=2,850
Front left=3,000
Rear weight=13,925
Rear right=6,900
Rear left=7,025

Motorhome was full of fuel, water, 1/2 propane and no driver or
passenger. Most everything is loaded for a trip next week.

Rear axle is overweight by 425 lbs, Rear tires are over loaded by 265
lbs. Right side by 70 lbs and and left by 195.

None of these numbers are bad enough to make any major changes.
Biggest change will be not to carry a full tank of water. According to
GS literature the tank holds 37 gal. It takes forever to fill the
tank. So I measured tank. It will hold at least 94 gallons. 8.36 lbs X
94=786 lbs. WE do not carry more than 20 gallons on the road. Plus on
our motorhome fresh water tank is at the very back. One section is
larger than other. This happens to be on side that is reading heavy.

From all the overweight comments on the Internet. I was expecting
weights to be much worse than what they are. As it turns out my MH is
not overloaded.
Still have to add about 100 lbs to rear for tow dolly. I can now
travel down the road without worrying about being overweight.

For those that are interested in getting their RV weighted. I got it
done by At this time they are
local in Southeastern MI.