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Service issues

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I've been following a discussion on Workhorse Chassis service on iRV2.

iRV2 Workhorse discussion

I've certainly seen a lot of complaints about Workhorse service and the parts supply problem. Of course, many, if not most, of the WCC dealers are also Chev or GMC dealers.

I'm wondering if we could get a feel from our members with Kodiak chassis how they have found service at the Chev and GMC Medium Duty Truck dealers (MDT).

I haven't needed service yet since mine is only three months old. Based on what I read in the manual I'm going to need an oil change about the end of the first year or at around 7500 miles. At that time I'll have to decide on a dealer. Our local Chev dealer is an MDT but GM does not market the Kodiak in Canada - just its brother Top Kick (same thing of course). Our Chev dealer (we bought our current Tahoe and Equinox from them - and a Caddy, Silhoutte and Colorador) said they don't have the equipment to handle a motorhome. The nearest Top Kick dealer (also a Workhorse dealer) is aboout 40 to 50 miles from our home.

I've decided that I'm going to get a good grease gun and do the 5000 mile or 6 months driveshaft lub myself rather than drive 40 or 50 miles each way to have it done or have to search for a dealer while travelling. Advice on a good grease gun would also be appreciated.



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Re: Service issues

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I have 2 good places to get service on my Kodiak. A GMC MD dealer and
Coach Care. But they are expensive. Last oil lube change I got was at
Speedco. Price for oil/filters (including
fuel filter) & lube was far less than anyone else wanted. Problem is
they are none in MI. We are headed to TX in October. Will stop on way
home for a complete oil change and lube.
I purchased a air operated grease gun from Harbor Freight. Was $14 so
I bought 2 of them. Make sure you get the proper grease for lubing the
drive shaft and steering. You should be able to find one a Princess Auto.

Re: Service issues

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Don, while you are doing the lube at 5,000 miles, don't forget your Allison transmission maintenance. There is an external "spin off" filter that needs to be replaced and the Transynd fluid topped off.
Here's a link to a recent thread on that will give you all the details, and some tips, such as moving the magnet to the new filter.


Re: Service issues

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Oh, yes, I know that one well. Have had to do it twice on pushers in the last 3 years. In both cases the service locations I used only handled the filters for the 3000MH in pairs even though for the 5000 mile only one is required (I still have that extra one). And they are much more expensive than the filter for the 6 speed 1000 model (which I've seen as low as $12, with the replacement magnet $4 and a filter wrench $10).

The last place I had the 5000 filter changed they insisted both had to be changed because they found some metal shavings in the first one. They changed both and that meant a lot of lost fluid and another jug of TranSynd. I insisted they were wrong and they checked with Allison and found I was right. The 1000 series Allison only has one filter so I won't have a repeat of that issue. My annual service cost for the Ambassador at first year end with only 4000 miles on was $1000 (but I know they did ALL the work required and that was what I wanted). BTW, I asked them to monitor how much grease they needed for the drive shaft U-joints and they said a LOT. I'd heard that many units were being shipped from the factory dry and that might have been the case with mine.

This time I'm going to have my son give an assist (he is an MEng in the auto biz in Detroit) on the transmission filter change and the six month lube. As I think of it, I doubt if I'll get to 5000 miles until about May when it will be a year old so maybe I'll have the Allison filter changed where I get the oil changed - and get them do do that 6 month drive shaft lube. I will have to do a 6 month lube in late Oct before we head to FLA for the winter. My manual does say every 5000 miles or 6 months - which comes first for the lube.


Craig Davis wrote:

Re: Service issues

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Allison repair place told me when I went to get the filter to change at 5000 miles that if I had a 2007 and it was filled with Transynd that I didn't have to do it the thing I was reading was old and that they had made improvements. He said shouldn't have to touch for 100,000 k He would sell it to me but I was wasting good money

Re: Service issues

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Now, that is REALLY interesting to hear. I've been wondering about that given what happened with the 3000MH series (we had a 2004 Journey and a 2006 Ambassador). In July 06 they went to special and better filters (2 on the 3000MH) and eliminated the 5000 mile change. I was hoping that would happen with the 1000 6-speed as well but ours was delivered with a yellow sticker on the window saying it had to be changed at 5k.

I will contact Allison and post the reply.

I sure hope you are right.


Re: Service issues

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I contacted Warranty Admin at Allison. I've known one of the staff there for 3 years now as a result of a warranty term issue on my 3000MH in the Journey.

Here is the reply:

talked to the service guys and they said the external spin on filter should still be changed at 5000 miles. If you read the Operator's Manual on page 60, there is a footnote stating "Control Main Spin-On Filter Only Initial 5000 (8000 km), or 200 hours, whichever comes first". If you change the filter yourself, be sure to remove the magnet from the old filter and install it in the new one. I was advised the filter costs less if purchased from an Allison distributor rather than a GM dealer.

So, there it is. 5,000 mile change still required - which I thought would be the case since the filter for this transmission hasn't been
changed like those on the 3000 and 4000 series which now use a much more expensive high capacity filter than negates the need for the change at 5,000 miles.

Filter price - for sure - much cheaper at Allison distributor than a GM dealer. I did a web search a month or two back and the price could vary more than 3 to 1.