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This group has always been very helpful so I am asking here as well how to solve this puzzle.

Batteries were bad and fuses were blown on the converter.
So, I replace 2 batteries (house) in hopes that was the issue, all connections are correct, I took pictures before to make sure I did the same way as it was, well, still blowing fuse on the converter.
It is unplugged from shore power, the converter is unplugged as well, and still blowing fuse. So now makes me believe it is the converter or worse something between the batteries and the converter which is basically mission impossible to figure out.

I asked around about the converter and was told where to get it, but it is way pricier than other brands supposedly better.
Has anyone made the change him/herself?
what brands?
Any other ideas how to solve this puzzle greatly appreciated.

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I don't understand. You state the fuse "on the converter" is blowing, even when the "converter is unplugged"?!? Trying to help, but confused. There are three fuses on the converter, right?

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mine has 2 30 amp fuses.


batteries were not charging, I checked and the 2 fuses on the converter were blown, I replaced them and blew again. I did learn about polarity but since the batteries and all connections were original from factory, it could not be that.
I then took batteries out, plug the converter in and replaced fuses, they were ok no problem.
I replaced 2 new batteries, converter is unplugged, as soon as I placed new fuses they blew. There was no shore power at this point.

So I am puzzled thinking there must be a short somewhere or the converter is bad.

I tried a reading on the output of the converter, but either I did not get to the right place or something else but I got no reading.

I just do not want to order an expensive converter and still not resolve the issue.
thanks you much

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I helped a friend out one weekend last year that had a similar problem. Turned out his RV originally had two 6 volts batteries that were connected in series and he replaced them with two 12 volt batteries. Since he thought the original batteries were 12 volts, he connected the new batteries the same way, which was in series. This created 24 volts! After putting the batteries in parallel, replacing the two fuses on his converter, all worked good except for a couple of bulbs that fried from being turned on with 24 volts.

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You will need to check voltages for proper voltage and polarity with a voltmeter. You can deal direct with Progressive Dynamics for a rebuilt converter if that turns out to be bad.
RV and Marine Power Converters, Battery Chargers from Progressive Dynamics

Much less price than new.
For newer members and others that cannot remember. It is best to state make and model of your motorhome and Converter info.
Ron Hall

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Great info Ron and thanks. Also thanks to ALL that have input, ideas and even errors. I have been reading the post and would like to caution those that don't normally play in the electronics fields. I spent 4 years in the Navy working on electronics, set up my entire home network with 2 wireless routers, installed and set up my 9 security cameras. But, when I added solar panels I still took it to a local RV company. Why? The RV company could seal the roof after installation, they could wire it and make all connections, they would get the baiscs done and I could modify from a clean install. I later replaced the 2 batteries and went from 240 AH to 4 batteries with 360 AH and that seems to allow my fridge to run all night without the gen starting. Difficult to tell since I am in Texas and we need cold air most nights. I am considering adding 2 more batteries that will increase my AH to 540 but I am also trying to pay attention to the extra weight of the batteries.

I have a 2014 Thor Chateau Super C with the F550 and 6.7L Diesel engine with a Diesel Generator, home type frige, auto start gen. Towing is GREAT and when engine is running I don't need the gen or solar since the alternator adds power to the batteries that supply the frige. Also, my TV's work from the inverter. I only need a gen for A/c, microwave or if the batteries get low. I really like the set up of this coach and only have 8K miles on it. It was purchased new in Aug 2013. Jerry in Baytown Texas

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Sounds like a wiring problem. Also, run a battery load to verify batteries are not shorted or open. Verify ALL connections, voltage, parallel or series? Verify, verify, verify. Jer in Texas

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We recently had our new inverter/charger (magnum) display the same behaviors. It turned out the mother board went bad. (Batteries would not charge, Open Switch Faults, blowing fuse at home 15 amp plug, shutting off when any type of load was placed on it, etc. ) It was covered by warranty so we just had the local RV replace it with new inverter from Magnum. It took about two hours and cost about $300 or so. I was intending to do it, and felt perfectly capable, but since it is a new rig and was covered, we just let the local shop handle it. If yours was working before and now does not now and their have been no other changes, chances are that the inverter is bad. Good luck!

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