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convection microwave

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I have a 2007 Jayco Seneca that has a GE Microwave/convection oven. It is a 2005 model and has quit working. My local repair shop wants to replace it with a High Pointe microwave/convection oven that is almost the exact same size. Has anybody replaced their microwave/convection oven and if so, what brand did you install. If it was a High Pointe, do you like it and is it dependable. Thanks in advance for your response.

Re: convection microwave

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We have a 2009 Jayco Seneca HD. We had to replace our microwave after a pad power pole incident. I took the model number of the GE microwave to my local Best Buy and bought the newer version of the same microwave. Was about $100. Mounting was almost the same as the original microwave. Easy swap and way cheaper than what the RV dealers wanted to do.

Ted Marriner

Re: convection microwave

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Our 08 came without the convection so I replaced it with a GE convection. As Ted said it was almost a perfect swap, had to move one bolt hole in top mounting board.

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thanks guys. that gives me something to think about. I will check with my local Loves to see what they have. thanks again.