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dish satellite

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I have a 2007 Jayco Seneca. I purchased a Dish Tailgater antenna and a Wally. When I tried to attached the antenna to the outside connection on my RV, I do not see the screen to pick my state so I get a reception failed error. When I connect the antenna directly to the Wally, everything works like it is supposed. my local RV repair shop said that I was probably losing signal strength because of splitters inside my RV. Does this sound right? Am I doing something wrong? has other people had this same problem and if so, how did you fix it? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Michael Fox

Re: dish satellite

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I have a 05 Seneca and a different box and antenna, but dish service. It has been about 2 years since I hooked mine up.
I had trouble getting the cables and button switch (cable vs antenna) hooked up correctly. Also it seems there was something about the searching settings that caused me a lot of trouble. I did finally get it straight. I will go out and hook mine up tomorrow and refresh my memory and provide you with my best description of my equipment and set up.

Re: dish satellite

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thanks. i tried several different setups with my antenna and cable. My RV has a plug in outside that says satellite so I tried that also (also changed it inside to satellite). I really appreciate your help.

Re: dish satellite

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If you have a antenna amplifier. It has to be off. Usually a red light
on a switch type panel where OTA antenna wire comes in and is connected
to TV. Push the button to turn off amplifier.

Ron Hall

Re: dish satellite

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I have a 2007 Seneca 34SS with Dish and Wally. The RG-6 cable goes from the Wally to the most front connector labeled AUX/SAT (make sure amplifier is off). I connect the Tailgater to the top of two connectors in the water compartment labeled SAT. See photos.

I understand there is a splitter in the roof for a roof top dish, but I never messed with it and my system works great setup like I explained.

FYI: The Wally will be unauthorized when not used for a while. You can use the Dish app to reauthorize Wally, which is way better and faster than calling every time. Doesn't have to be authorized to check it setup working, only to get the channels you pay for!

Happy camping!



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Kinda, your satellite reception does not like your booster for antenna broadcasting reception. You've got to wire around it.. All kinds of stuff around the internet to figure out how to do it. Good luck. Ask more questions if you need to.

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