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Suburban SW6D water heater problems

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Okay i just returned from a two week trip down to Arizona and Nevada. I have a Gulfstream Endura 6331 built on a Chevrolet Kodiak chassis. The water heater fired up before i left Idaho (it had been drained for the winter) and I filled the water tank once i got to southern Utah.i had to drain the water heater once i tested it because the temperature driving through Montana was 6 degrees! Once the tank was full the pump and heater were refilled and bled of air. Now the situation is that the water heater will fire up once the switch is engaged BUT it will switch off in approximately three minutes. i took the coach to a RV place near Sedona and he sold me a thermostat switch ($26) and said that if that did not solve the problem it was probably the board but he thought that since it ran for a couple minutes the board was good? New switch did nothing so now i am home and i need help. How do you access water heater from inside coach? Thanks

Re: Suburban SW6D water heater problems

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Yahoo Message Number: 17025
Hope you have hot water by now, but if not check these 2 items
1. Look inside the furnace duct (from outside the coach). See if the ignitor is centered close to the burner tube. If not, move it with your hands until it is close enough to make contact. If it's not, the heater will attempt to fire about 3 times, then give a fault light.
2. Flush the system with a high pressure hose...attach your ground water, and turn the pressure up or bypass your intake pressure valve. Open the small white plastic hex nut on the outside of your hot water tank. Let it blow and bypass. If you've never done this, you will see a bunch of calcium and junk exit your heater tank. Let it run for a few minutes. Turn off the water, reinstall the drain valve, and reconnect the fresh water in. .
The board on this coach is incredibly simple, and dipped in plastic. It shouldn't fail often. To answer your location question, mine is accessible underneath the middle of the closet in the back bedroom. I can't speak for your floorplan. Furthermore, most of what you need to service is accessible from the outside of the coach behind the hot water heater cover. Good luck,


Re: Suburban SW6D water heater problems

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I could access water heater from under kitchen cabinet on my 6340
Endura. Removed 2 drawers if see water heater. There was a panel below
that that gave access to the pipe fittings. Attached is a picture of the

Ron Hall