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Bedroom Slide not working properly

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We were getting setup, all leveled and jacks down. Proceeded to open slides. The bedroom slide started to open but left the bed in place. The bed broke away from the wall. The slide had trouble opening. Found a roller in the track under the slide that had the bolt broke. Trying to repair it but I am not familiar with taking apart the track. Also, where to find parts. I have the bed assembly out of the motor home so I have access to the slide motor and the track where it mounts to the floor. Can anyone give me some guidance on this repair? The motor home is a 2006 GS 35. We are planning on leaving Arizona next month and need to get it fixed. Repair shop in Casa Grande can't look at it for at least a month or more. While bed is out also going to install Allure flooring like Ron Hall did to his.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this repair.
Mike Woodcock

Re: Bedroom Slide not working properly

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Yahoo Message Number: 17028
My 6340 GS had hydraulic operated slides. Can you find any info on slide manufacture. Mine was made by Equalizer Systems. They have parts you can buy online. I had a roller come off under closet. I made a 1/4" plate to that roller too. Then mounted the plate to wall. I had to use a hydraulic jack under slide to raise it enough to get roller in place. Not sure where to get parts for your slide. I would start with calling GS. Info should be in your info packet. I got good help from Camping World in Mesa for parts. Not much help with anything else. Try the one Tuscon. They have very large catalogs.