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Slides wiring diagram

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"07 Endura 6362 having issues with both slides.

Had it in the shop the other day for some wiring under the dash. Today, neither of the slides will operate with the key on and brake set.

Just wondering if he brake maybe is the ground and maybe that ground wire got removed or broken during the wiring.

Thought I had the wiring diagram but maybe not.

Believe the slide system is a power gear.

I am unclear if the ignition key being on is another safety or if that is where the motors get their power but seems a long way to run a wire for power.

Ideas? ? ? ? ?

Thanks Don

Re: Slides wiring diagram

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Sorry if this is obvious.
Did you check the disconnect? Some shops will shut it off during or after maintenance to save House Batteries.
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Re: Slides wiring diagram

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Check the switch on the emergency brake. Could be a connection point right behind that kick panel next to your left foot.

Re: Slides wiring diagram

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Sounds like they all are wired different because my ign key is
required to be on.

No didn't check any disconnect as I don't believe I have one. If I
had one I don't believe the shop that worked on the camper would have
the smarts to find and turn one off.

Sounds like my best shot is to check the emergency brake switch
because I know they removed the kick plate adjacent to the emergency

Why is getting so hard to find a mechanic or I forgot they are now
technicians, that really knows what they are doing?

Thanks for the help.