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Engine Oil capacity

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Had an unusual experience lately and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.
Time for oil change and took '07 Gulfstream Endura w/Duramax Diesel to my local shop. I had 3 gallons of oil and an oil filter. I was always had the understanding that it required 10 quarts with new filter.

The engine has always used Delvac regular oil, not synthetic.

After draining the oil and replacing the filter, he poured in one gallon, 4 quarts, a second gallon, 4 more quarts and 1/2 of the third gallon, 2 more quarts. The way I counted, that amounted to a total of 10 quarts.

I did observe him pour this oil into the engine.

Then I drove to a tire store and had another stop or so. I noticed after the engine got up to operating temp, the oil pressure at idle seemed to be about 20# but that seemed to be normal from the pressure before the oil change.

At highway speed, the pressure increases to 60# or so.

Yesterday, took it to a shop to have the fuel filter replaced and the guy pulled out the oil dipstick and said you are 2 quarts low. I went nuts.
He said one side of the oil stick shows full but the reverse of the stick shows 2 quarts low.

No, the oil did not leak out because I could have seen it on the floor. Just to make sure when I returned, I did a thorough inspection of the floor and it was dry, no oil, no signs of oil, therefore, I am confident the oil did not leak out and the few miles it has been driven since the oil change would never have been enough to blow the oil out.

Now, I wonder if the dip stick is only incorrect or what is going on and if the idle pressure is correct at 20#.

Wondering if I should add 2 more quarts and if what would make 12 quarts in the engine instead of 10???

Ideas? ? ? ?


Re: Engine Oil capacity

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Isn't the factory spec 14.6 quarts on the Kodiak version of the Duramax? I know I had trouble determining that with the first oil change as the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks with the Duramax only take 10 quarts.

Re: Engine Oil capacity

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If It's a 6.6. It takes 14.6 quarts of oil. Same oil and fuel filter as a pickup.
You need to look at the label on headliner above driver side sun visor. 10th digit in Vin # will tell the year. All Medium Duty engines until late 2007 were labeled LLY. 8th digit should be a 2.
Vin #'s are read left to right.
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Re: Engine Oil capacity

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My '05 took 14.6 qts (Isuzu motor). Not sure on the '07.
Greg Thompson

Re: Engine Oil capacity

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14.6 quarts is correct for a Duramax C5500 engine.
Ron Hall

Ron Hall

Re: Engine Oil capacity

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14.6 is right for c5500. But mine sucks more oil thru the pcv system into the intercooler when I fill it all the way. It uses less oil at 13.5 quarts, for what it's worth. I still haven't done the pcv reroute yet .......

Re: Engine Oil capacity

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WHAT? ? ? ? 14.6 quarts !!!!

Thanks for all the responses.

To answer one of the questions, what engine? The title says an '07 but I believe it has documentation showing it was built in the fall of '06, and the vin #8 digit shows 2 which I believe would by an LLY and the vin #10 shows 7 which I believe indicates an '07 model.

Needless to say, I am shocked by the oil situation.

I guess I have been relying on others too much.

I always just took the camper to the local oil guy and he provided the oil, filter and what ever was required. I never ask him how oil he was adding but in the last couple of days, I looked at his invoices and it indicates 14.5 quarts.

However, when I stopped by to schedule a recent appointment, the regular oil guy was not there but had moved on. They assured me his replacement was capable and would continue the same high quality of service. In addition, I was advised they no longer carried the Delvac oil or filter, therefore, it would be necessary for me to provide the oil and filter. As I had not previously inspected the prior invoices that indicated the quantity of oil, I asked how much oil was required to be informed 10 quarts. Thus, when I delivered the camper for service, I had 3 gallons of oil and the filter.

I am now amazed that they presumed it would take 10 quarts.

Maybe I need to be more observant and ask more questions or maybe find a new oil change station.

Sure am glad this situation was caught before maybe taking a several thousand mile trip.

Thanks again for all the info from all.


Re: Engine Oil capacity

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All Kodiak Duramax engines from early 2000's until end of production in 2009 required 14.6 quarts of oil.
Ron Hall

Re: Engine Oil capacity

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Depends on whether you have a 6.6L Duramax diesel or a 8.1L gas engine. The manual for my 2007 Duramax diesel states SAE 15W-40 is best. It also states you can use 10W-30 at temperatures above zero or 5W-40 below zero. 5W-40 is not recommended with temperatures above 100F. It states to not use 10W-40 or 20W-50.

I do not have the specs for a 8.1L gas engine.



Re: Engine Oil capacity

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Capacity is on the medium duty duramax is 14.6 quarts. the pickup trucks use basically 10 quarts. first oil change i did on my 07 5500 it didn't even cross my mind that it would be different. have had my 06 2500hd since new and just as habit, had 3 gallon jugs of chevron delo 15w-40 like always and when i checked the dipstick after filling was like 'wait a minute, wtf is going on here??' then i figured it out.

oil filter is the same
trans spin-on filter is the same
fuel filter is the same (avoid the Wix/Napa filters, they seem to leak air)