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Kodiak 5500 cab A/C drain location

We've been getting some water condensation dripping inside on the passenger floor with the cab A/C running.  I looked outside for the A/C drain line but could not find one.  Anybody have a location for the A/c drain under the hood for the 2008 Chevy Kodiak 5500?  It's my 2009 Jayco Seneca RV.  The pic is from the front of the A/C under the hood.   You can see water dripping from the screws on the box. 

Re: Kodiak 5500 cab A/C drain location

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There should be a drain hole some where along bottom of box. May need a mirror to find it. May need to clean out box.
Ron Hall

Re: Kodiak 5500 cab A/C drain location

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I was told in another forum that the drain is on the firewall.  I see a nipple there that has never dripped water.  The question now is how do I get access inside to clean.  I put a zip tie up that hole and didn't feel any restrictions.