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KodiakChassisClassC] Dutchmen 33K Kodiak/Duramax

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Thanks for your reply....

As long as Jayco followed the guidelines when extending the wheelbase, you should be ok. The problem I have is that Dutchmen did NOT extend the wheelbase, which creates more stress on the rear of the coach and lightens the front axle loading even more, which can cause a loss of steering control.

The issue you may have with Jayco is that since they extended the frame between the wheelbase, you may not have any warranty from GM on the frame nor drivetrain. While GM informs the Upfitters to advise the RV owner of the voided warranty issue in writing, they may not have done so in the owners manual.

I have a .pdf document published by GM designed for their "upfitters," companies like Jayco and Thor Industries, illustrating the guidelines GM recommends when lengthening, extending, etc. the various GM chassis'. I tried to attach it to this emailbut the file is too large to go...if you, or anyone else, wants a copy sent to your personal email, let me know. If you want the manual, you will want to compare the illustrations with the actual welding performed by Jayco....make sure they match correctly or you may have problems, according to GM....


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Re: KodiakChassisClassC] Dutchmen 33K Kodiak/Duramax

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Denny, I am aware of the warranty problem and I know it has arisen with my dealer and a Seneca purchaser.

I did the ratio calculations for the 213.5 wb and the Dutchman length and it is 53 vs 57 for my Jayco - a very significant difference.

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ps. Please send the PDF to my email address. Thanks