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Need a referral for suspension work

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I need a referral for having a davis tru track bar or some similar work done on my Seneca, I am in NC (Raleigh).
I called the local camping world (which is not really local, about 75 miles away) and got an estimate of about 2000, yes, 2000 dollars to have true trac and safe steer installed, and was told that bilstein does not make shocks for this chassis.

I am not too concerned with steering that seems fine, but I would like to minimize the dog tail wag and maybe some side/top move.

Any recomendation would be appreciatted.

Re: Need a referral for suspension work

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My MD Chev truck service installed the Henderson bar (I ordered it and took it with me). $140.00 If you have one close I'd check with them.

Dave Sparke