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More members

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First, let me introduce myself. On the forum I go by KrisinCO,
that's where we lived when I first joined several years ago. At that
time we had a HitchHiker 5th wheel. since then we moved to NM and
bought a 30' class A, didn't keep it very long.....I was afraid to
drive it and scared the livin' daylights out of my husband, Al, when I
tried! Last Oct we bought our '06 Seneca 35GS and have been having
adventures and misadventures ever since.

Don, I am glad you started this little group, do you think if we
mentioned it a few more times on that we would get more people?
Is there any rule against it?
I have learned so much from everyone. Thanks!

Re: More members

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Yahoo Message Number: 15
Thanks for the feedback. If more participants include it in their signature line (as I do) or as an add on I think we would build participation quicker.

If you think a 30 ft Class A was uncomfortable, you should have tried our 40ft 10 in pusher. We'd park it in Florida for the winter and then in April I'd have to learn it and get a feel for it all over again as we drove 1400 miles north. We are finding the 32SS much more to our liking.