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Power Steering hose and o-ring

2006 Seneca 35gs  c5500 duramax

I'm trying to find the part number for hose #19 and o-ring #17. The local gm parts counters can't find them and there aren't any medium duty truck centers near. I have spent many hours looking online. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Power Steering hose and o-ring

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I bought a 22" piece of 3/4" Gates Plant Master Xtreme 325 Braid hose as a replacement. No issues replacing it. I also bought a replacement o-ring at NAPA p/n WH 7629x8. I ran the truck for 30 minutes without issue.

I did discover the fitting on the back of the pump is an Eaton STC product. The fitting contains and o-ring, backup ring and latch ring. You can get the right tools and parts as listed in this catalog:


Re: Power Steering hose and o-ring

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Look at part # 15257383 list $102.86 cost $74.46 at Wholesale GM parts on line, Louisville KY. O ring n/a, I'm sure your auto parts can match it.