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Bedroom Slide

I have a 2005 Gulfstream Endura 6340.  My bedroom slide goes out smoothly untill the last 6 to 12 inches when it seems to catch or bind up.  It makes 2 to 3 clunking sounds before it fully extends.  There is 3/4 of inch difference between the front  and back of the slide when extended.

I have read Equalizers bulletion about the timing assembly an the trantorque adjustment.  That ends with any remaining adjust will be done by Gulfstream.  Thus, the entire mechanism would need to be adjusted in order to get the slide to extract evenly.  There are no issues when it retracts,

Has anyone encounteed the clunking and catching when extracting and if so has anyone attempted to re-align the slide..

As always thanks in advance

Doug  Brothers