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Air Compressors

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Since we all have the same size units, does anyone carry a air
compressor for the tires ? You see on other forums they mention
different ones but then they are inflating only to 75 or 85 pounds
not to higher amounts which unless the sticker for my unit is incorrect
is 95 pounds.
Thanks for your input I know this gets thrown around alot but it
bothers me and with all of us having same not small C's the answer
should be easy.

Re: Air Compressors

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I carry a compressor - and did with our two DPs. They both had an air hose connection but I had heard they were slow and when we sit in Florida for 5.5 months the last thing I wanted to do was fire up the engine to add air to the tires. I carry a Husky with a 1.5 gallon tank and it can inflate to about 130 psi.


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